Day 37 of Omer

Today is day 37 of counting the Omer
Today is day 37 out of Egypt
Today is day 37 of Messiah Resurrected
The Joy of Renewal (And Smashing Idols) (2 Chronicles 30:23-31:1)

23 Then the whole congregation decided to celebrate seven more days—so for another seven days they celebrated with gladness.
24 Hezekiah king of Judah contributed 1,000 bulls and 7,000 sheep to the congregation, and the officials contributed 1,000 bulls and 10,000 sheep to the congregation, and great numbers of kohanim consecrated themselves.
25 The entire assembly of Judah rejoiced with the kohanim and the Levites, and all who had assembled from Israel, both the strangers coming from the land of Israel and the residents of Judah.
26 There was great joy in Jerusalem, for nothing like this had happened in Jerusalem since the time of Solomon son of David king of Israel.
27 Then the Levitical kohanim arose and blessed the people, and Adonai heard their voice, for their prayer reached heaven, His holy dwelling place.
Restoring the Kohanim and Levites
1 When all this was finished, all Israel who were present went out to the towns of Judah and smashed the pillars, smashed the Asherah poles and demolished the high places and the altars throughout all Judah and Benjamin, as well as throughout Ephraim and Manasseh, until they had destroyed them all. Then all Bnei-Yisrael returned to their towns, each to their own property.

Reflect (By Aybars Uckun):
To say Hezekiah’s father Ahaz was a king who didn’t follow after God is an understatement. He made idols that turned the people away from God and into idolatry. While worshipping these idols, he even had his own children burned alive. God gave him and the kingdom of Judah over to their enemies, and the subsequent occupation by foreign invaders left the Land in disarray. After Ahaz's death, Hezekiah his son took the throne. Hezekiah feared God and desired to do what was right. This sparked a renewal that began a spiritual transformation among the people of Israel. The Israelites turned to God in such numbers that there were not enough Kohanim (priests) around to handle the offerings of cattle that were being brought into the Temple. Those in Jerusalem agreed; they needed to celebrate a 2nd Passover (see Day 25 of this devotional for information on this special holiday). The result was a great joy that was felt by all those in Jerusalem! Afterward the people (of their own volition) decided that Ahaz’s idols needed to be torn down in order for them to worship the One true God.

Prayer: Abba, please help us to turn to You with all of our hearts. Pour out Your spirit and bring renewal to our city, our nation, Israel, and the whole world. Bring great joy among us as we worship You! Amen!