Transition for Rabbi Aybars

Dear Restoration family and friends,

It is with both sadness and joy that we announce that Rabbi Aybars will be leaving Restoration at the end of this month. We are sad because the Uckun family is moving on, but we celebrate with them in the calling of God on Aybars' life to bring the gospel back to his own people. Beginning in June, he’ll be working with The Al-Ma'idah Initiative, which is a ministry designed for conversation without compromise with Muslims. He will be working full-time and will be raising support for his salary and ministry. Restoration is supporting Aybars monthly, and we encourage you to do the same at When you give, put “For Aybars” in the memo.

This Saturday, May 28th will be Rabbi Aybars' last message on staff at Restoration. He is finishing a two-part series called, “God Loves Muslims (& You Should Too).” We encourage you to listen to those messages here. Aybars will be attending our Shavuot picnic after our Shabbat gathering on June 4th if you’d like to connect with him before he leaves. He is also already scheduled as a guest speaker for two messages in July, and will return to Restoration as a guest speaker from time to time.

We are believing along with Aybars and Kelly that this new ministry role is a calling from God, and we bless Aybars in everything he does for the kingdom of God.

Below is a short conversation between Rabbi Matt and Rabbi Aybars about this transition.

In Yeshua,
Rabbi Matt, Rabbi Aybars, & Matt Gile