Bo - January 23, 2021

Torah Portion:
Bo - January 23, 2021

Torah: Exodus 10:1-13:16
Haftarah: Jeremiah 46:13-28
Portion Summary:
—God sends the plagues of locusts and darkness over Egypt.
—Pharaoh refuses to let Israel go.
—God begins the Hebrew calendar.
—Israel is instructed to mark their door posts with lamb’s blood so their households are spared from the final plague.
—Passover and the festival of Matzot are established.
—God enters into Egypt, killing the firstborn of every house without lamb’s blood.
—Pharaoh finally agrees to release Israel.

Devotional by Justin Gloyd:
Taking Care of Business
“For I will go through the land of Egypt on that night and strike down every firstborn, both men and animals, and I will execute judgments against all the gods of Egypt. I am ADONAI.”
Exodus 12:12 (TLV)

The Scriptures show us that God is at work in our world. Most of the time, His involvement is indirect, and it’s not often that He personally intervenes in the affairs of mankind. One such instance was when He struck Egypt with the ten plagues. None of the plagues were more devastating than the final one: during the first Passover, all of the firstborn of Egypt were killed.  

Pharaoh and the people of Egypt believed that their gods had authority over every area of their lives. God sent each plague as His way of showing Egypt that He alone is sovereign and has final authority over the affairs of men. This is made even more apparent when Adonai instructed Moses to establish and observe the Hebrew Calendar (which is a central theme of Jewish life even to this day). He not only chose to personally deal with Israel’s oppressors in one final act of judgment, but instructs us to remember it yearly. Then and now, His message is: “Here. I. Am.”

Egypt never stood a chance…or did they? The previous Torah portion (Va’era) seems to indicate that Pharaoh actually had nine chances to yield to God’s plan for the Israelites. He foolishly chose to fight against God—and we can see that God certainly showed up for the fight!

Do you find yourself caught in a season of suffering, waiting for God to save you? Or are you struggling to release control of something to God? When God moves, we must make sure we are in alignment with His desires instead of obstinately clinging to our own ways. Either way, His authority will be established, and out of chaos, beautiful new things will begin under His rule.

Thank You for Your patience and faithfulness. Please teach me to understand that You are Lord over every part of my life. Help me to learn to surrender control of all my plans, fears, and desires to You.
In Yeshua’s name, amen.
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