We have two opportunities for you to celebrate Passover with us in Seattle. It’s the 3rd best Passover ever (after Moses & Jesus) with a great Lamb dinner and four cups of wine! What else do you need? Get tickets ASAP before the Sea of Reeds closes and you get drowned like Pharaoh and his army (spiritually not physically).

Last day to purchase tickets is Tuesday, March 28!

Join us at our in-person Shabbat Gatherings in Seattle at 10:30am every Saturday. Our sermons are also posted every Saturday at 10:30am on all Restoration platforms.

Our mission is to lead people to become fully devoted followers of Yeshua

We believe that everyone belongs in the family of God.  Our community is a place for people from a variety of backgrounds who want to find healthy identity through the Jewishness of Jesus.

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