Who We Are

Why Do We Exist?

Restoration is a Messianic Synagogue. Messianic comes from a Hebrew word that means "followers of Messiah" and Synagogue is a Greek word for a place of "assembly." So, we are a place where people gather who are following Yeshua (Jesus) as both Messiah and Lord. Often, people ask, "Is this place for Jews only or for Jews and Gentiles?" The answer is, everyone who is seeking God is welcome! Our goal is to help people, and for us "people" is defined as "Jew and Gentile." We are a community full of people, Jews and Gentiles, who are learning to follow Yeshua better, together!

What Do We Do?

We know everyone is looking to belong somewhere. We know that every person searching for identity wants to go from unsure to secure. In order to do that, we need help navigating the conflict in our lives. The problem is, religion doesn’t seem like it’s for people like us, which makes us feel rejected by religious people. But we believe everyone should know that they matter by design! At Restoration, we’ve struggled to belong too, but we’re discovering our identity because we know who Jesus really is. 

Four Ancient Promises

The Four Cups of wine come from Jewish tradition for Passover in the first century. There are four "I will" statements found in Exodus 6:6-7 that define God's relationship with his people. At Restoration, we express these four ancient promises as know God, find community, discover identity, and make a difference. 

Meet Our Leaders

We would love to connect with you and answer your questions about Restoration!