Helpful Resources

These are the resources for reading the Bible that Rabbi Matt mentioned in the sermon "The Living Word."
We pray that these resources, from other groups we trust, will help you dig into your study of the Bible for yourself! 

The Bible Project

"How to Read the Bible" is a series of videos where you can learn about the Bible and how to read it well:
from an introduction to the important differences of the various literary genres compiled within.

The Word As A Way Of Life

Want to read your Bible every 90 days?! The Word As A Way Of Life is a system of reading the whole Bible that enables you to do just that! Use the guide to place 12 bookmarks in your Bible for 12 sections. Read one chapter from each section a day—it takes about an hour. If you don't have time to read all 12, then pick up where you left off the next day. The point is to keep reading the Bible, over and over again!
Download the PNG file of The Word As A Way Of Life guide and start reading today!

YouVersion Bible App

Already installed on over 500 million unique devices all over the world,
the Bible App offers a free Bible experience for smartphones, tablets, and online at