What To Expect on Shabbat


We truly believe that everyone belongs in the family of God (it's one of our core values). Occasionally people ask, "I'm a Gentile, can I come to synagogue?" The answer is yes! Of course, synagogue is also a place for Jewish people. We would love to meet you at our Shabbat gathering and connect with you! 


Our Shabbat gathering is for you—so come dressed however you feel most comfortable. (Appropriate for the public, of course). At the entrance to our worship center we provide kippa (head covering) and talliot (traditional prayer shawl) for men and we also have talliot that are available for women. Some are comfortable wearing these traditional garments and some are not. They are available if you would like to wear them but are certainly not required of anyone.

The Bridge is a non-profit coffee shop and ministry of North Seattle Alliance Church. They are open on Saturday mornings and we love to support what they are doing in our North Seattle neighborhood!

Refelcting the Jewishness of Yeshua

At Restoration you will find a heart for understanding the Jewishness of our Messiah Yeshua (Jesus) but how that is expressed is different for each family in our community. We worship on Shabbat (Saturday), we have a Torah Scroll, some people choose to wear Kippot & Talliot and some have no idea what any of those Hebrew words mean. Some choose to keep Kosher (eating "clean" foods) and some choose not too. It's a little messy but we are imperfect people doing our best to follow a perfect God. We love diversity and our community comes from a variety of backgrounds. We recognize that God made some to be Jews and some to be Gentiles and we love celebrating our Messiah together as a family.

Restoration Kids

We love our kids and we want to lead them to become fully devoted followers of Yeshua. Our Nursery is open for our entire service for children 0-4 years old. We also have a family chapel for families that want to relax and participate in the service. During the sermon children 5-12 years old attend Restoration Kids, which is designed specifically for them to have fun and learn about God. 

When you arrive at our service you can head over to Kids' check-in and check your children in for Restoration Kids. We take some basic information about your children so we can take care of them well!