Come and see

Come and join us at a Shabbat Gathering and learn about Yeshua and the Bible. Connect with us at our connect table, get a free cup of coffee provided by the Bridge Coffee Shop, check-in and drop off your children at Restoration Kids and come into our Shabbat gathering!

Want to know what we care about at Restoration? Listen to the preaching series about our mission and core values: We Are.

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Connect Groups

We are not a synagogue with connect groups. We are a synagogue of connect groups. Community happens when people meet in small groups to study, pray, eat, and hang out. If you want to dig deeper into community, a connect group is a great place to start!

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read The Bible

The best way to grow in your faith is to read the Bible. YouVersion is a free app and website with many different versions of the Bible. We recommend the Complete Jewish Bible (CJB) or the Tree of Life Version (TLV), both are Messianic Jewish translation of the Bible. Whatever version you choose the best place to start is to start reading the Bible. Download "The Word As A Way Of Life" Bible reading plan by Rabbi David Rosenberg. You can even take a screen shot of the plan and keep it in your phone. Happy Reading!

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How TO Know God

Who is God? Who is Jesus, also known by his Hebrew name of Yeshua? Can a person know God and experience Him personally? People have asked these questions for thousands of years. They are the questions this study hopes to answer. If you have newly come to faith in Yeshua as the long-awaited Jewish Messiah or if you are trying to learn more about God and Yeshua, this series will help you. Click here to watch the videos from our friends at Jews For Jesus.

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If you are Jewish and discovering Yeshua (Jesus) as the Messiah for the first time check out It may feel like you are the only Jewish person who is considering who Jesus is but "I Met Messiah" is a website full of video testimonies of Jewish professionals who have met their Messiah. Watch their inspiring stories! 

These video stories are produced through a partnership between ONE FOR ISRAEL Ministry, based in Netanya, Israel, and, Chosen People Ministries, based in Manhattan, NY.

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